Have Your Beer and Make Music Too

Posted on 03. Sep, 2010 by in Art & Design, Eats & Drinks, Music

Tuned Pale Ale combines two of my great loves in life, music and beer.  How many times have you blown into your beer bottle to make a sound?  I’ve always loved experimenting with the different tones I can achieve,  much to the dismay of my drinking compadres.

Tuned Pale Ale takes that concept a couple steps further.  The bottles come in various shapes and sizes which produce different sounds.  The label tells you what notes can be played when the beer reaches each level.  If that wasn’t already cool enough, the holder can be turned upside down and played as a drum.   Has your mind exploded yet?  Think of all the impromptu jam sessions this is bound to inspire.

The only bad part is that you can’t actually buy this anywhere. The creators, Matt Braun and Chris Mufalli, produced a small batch initially, and are now looking for larger brewing and distribution options.

What other food and beverages items could be transformed into instruments?  1, 2, 3 brainstorm!!

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